Plan & Book Your Trip With TripAdvisor


Plan & Book Your Trip With TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor, Inc. is an American online travel company that operates a website and mobile app with user-generated content and a comparison shopping website. It also offers online hotel reservations and bookings for transportation, lodging, travel experiences, and restaurants. Tripadvisor is the world\’s largest travel website. Founded in 2000, Tripadvisor has grown to become one of the most popular travel destination and accommodation websites in the United States. As of 2020, Tripadvisor\’stotal number of user reviews and opinions reached 884 million, covering listings for restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals, and attractions. 

The company\’s most notable brand,, reached 463 million average monthly unique visitors in 2019. In December 2020, the website drew 90.2 million visits, and the Tripadvisor app was among the top 10 travel apps in 26 countries as of January 2021. The website has versions in 48 markets and 28 languages worldwide. It features approximately 859 million reviews and opinions on approximately 8.6 million establishments—including 1.4 million hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts and specialty lodging, 842,000 rental properties, 5.2 million restaurants, and 1.2 million travel experiences worldwide. 

96% of TripAdvisor users consider reading reviews important when planning trips and booking hotels. … With online reviews having such a strong influence on both the consumer and the hotel, it reinforces the value of successful online reputation management for hotels, as well as the resulting positive impact on revenue.

Plan & Book Your Trip With TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor Website

With TripAdvisor you can:

  • Book an Airfare (Airplane Ticket)
  • Book an Hotel Reservation 
  • Find Vacation Rentals
  • Find Things to Do
  • Search Restaurants
  • Plan Your Trip

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