Travel Tips To Save Money & Enjoy Your Trip

 Tips To Save Money & Enjoy Your Trip When Traveling

Hi, I am Stacey the founder of StacePlores, I am a Travel & Tourism Specialist and my goal is to help people to discover and explore the world in different ways, and save money while doing it. In this post I will help giving you some tips that will help you to save money and enjoy your trip.

1. Be Patient– When I say that you have to be patient it means that you have to. It means that you have to search before buying your air fare tickets, you has to have different options of prices to get the one that benefits you the most. Remember to check what are are high (peak) and low seasons of the country that you want to visit, that would help you to have in mind when it would be better and  more cheaper to buy the tickets. 

2. Be Prepared– It means that you has to have everything planned. If you already bought the tickets, make a list of the places that you want to visit in that country, prepared everything before hand. If you want to visit, for example a museum, a national park, a water park, buy the ticket from your origin country, before departing to the country you want to visit, that will help in every single aspect of your trip. Having that in mind, prepared your itinerary. Here is an example of an itinerary. 

3. Use Internet Tools– Use internet tools to plan tour trip and to save money. For example, use \’\’Google Travel\’\’  . By my own experience I do use Google Travel a lot. It helps me to find the best prices for my air ticket, destinations, sightseeing, rental vacations, car rental and more, and its free and easy to use it. Use the internet to get to know the country before you arrive, learn about the culture, the history, the food, the people, the language (at least learn how to say hi and thanks in their language), become like of them, enjoy their culture while you are there and try new things, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy it. 

4. Light Luggage– Just travel with light luggage, if you just can travel with a carry-on. do it. I can tell by my own experience that the will be easier and you will enjoy your trip more. We have to remember that each country have a different and unique reputation, so we don\’t want to get all the attention, is better to try to act like we are not tourists. Be realistic with yourself and the country that you are visiting. Not everything looks like in the picture, so be realistic and enjoy your trip and concentrate to enjoy your trip by your own experience.

5. Enjoy Your Trip– Make memories in that country, buy little details that will remind you what made you happy when you visited the country. Try new things, get out of your comfort zone and try new adventures, doesn\’t necessary have be big adventure, it could also be little adventures like try a new food, see something like a sightseeing, things like that. Remember that you can also travel without travelling, it means to enjoy everything around you, even that little tree in the your backyard. Enjoy every single moment and minute of your life and enjoy of the magnificent of this earth.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the post. To work together and more, you can contact us by: . Thank You!

Stacey M.
(Travel & Tourism Specialist) 

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